With only 7 weeks to go before an event that I had invested in almost a

year before, and one failed and one bailed attempt at a stage race earlier

in the year, I realized I needed help. Fred had a training plan for me the

next morning and I was off and running. The program ramped me up to 15km

quickly, but safely and I managed to finish only slightly behind my target

and pain free! Now that I know what’s possible, I’m setting bigger goals for

the coming years and again asking the Mindful Runner for help.

Sarah Yates , Trail Runner, Yoga Teacher and Data Manager

I train on my own due to the times that I head out, the distances that I

need to cover and the fact that my best training partner is my x-pointer,

Duke. However, there’s only so much a person can say to a dog and my mind

was starting to play tricks on me, failing to keep me motivated to stay the

distance while I trained for my third 80km puffer.

When I found Mindful Running as a constantly liked page on facebook and I

asked Fred to become my coach, his first question was: “as an experienced

ultra runner, why do you need me?” I told him that I needed that constant

reminder to keep going, to finish my run, to complete the race and to know

that he would ask me about it, he’d monitor my performance, give me tips to

perform better and more efficiently. I was right, he was just the monkey on

my shoulder that I needed!

He’d listen to my complaints and simply give advice to qualm those fears

and just keep on going. I couldn’t wait to get back from my run just to

tell him about it.

The result? A fabulous puffer finish well within the time that I was aiming

for. Thank you so much Fred, a mind force to be reckoned with.

Vannessa Fisher , Ultra Runner and IT Specialist

I’ve known Fred for many years and have always admired and been inspired by his healthy and active lifestyle. I had severe FOMO when a bunch of my friends ran Sani Stagger last year and I decided I would like to try and run it with them this year, and so of course I asked him to help me make it happen! He has helped me with so many aspects of my running: from advising me on the correct shoes to get for both my road and trail training; coaching me through the training plan for my first 21k (woohoo, was that really me?!); given me loads of encouragement along the way, and weekly feedback on my stats to keep me carrying on; and even meal suggestions and nutrition advice (I’m also vegetarian). I think I’ve got this…it’s about 6 weeks to go till race day now, so watch this space:) I won’t finish fast because I will have too many pics to take along the way, but I’m confident I can get to the finish line – thanks Fred!!

Tezz Olds , Trail Runner / Road Runner and Tour Guide

As a new mom getting back into my running felt impossible. But, with Fred

the impossible has become reality. Fred creates the perfect training

programs and his morning runs took me from zero to hero! I have never felt

stronger or more healthy. I have been racing triathlons and running

marathons for over 10 years and I can confidently say Fred is the best

coach I have ever had.

Tarryn Smuts , Ironman, Yoga Teacher and Marketing Executive

Fred’s approach to coaching has really helped extend my running abilities

to that next level. Sure you can train on your own, but without clear

guidance and direction, pushing yourself is just so much harder. Fred has

definitely made an impact and the proof is in my recent PB’s and race

results improving drastically. Fred’s comments are always positive, his

experience invaluable and his knowledge on running is both deep and varied.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forwards to more success in

ultra’s, smashing PB’s and generally enjoying my running journey with the

Mindful Runner

Devon Beynon , Ultra Runner and Property Specialist

I met Fred in the beginning of the year, and asked for him to assist me with getting my training and racing back on track. At that point in time, I was struggling with Exertional compartment syndrome in my calves, which had meant little to no training for over a year.

The first set of Fred’s system was to check biomechanics, gait and form, and straight away identified issues with all of these. From there he gave me some strength and form workouts and drills. I then also took him on as my coach. He has done an amazing job getting the body right, and finally getting me up and running again. Since working with him, he has taken me from running a few kilometres a week, to full training, and racing! Without his help, I would still be battling with my calves, and not training. He did what others failed to do, and for that I am very grateful!

His hands on approach to coaching is completely different to any other coaches I have had, and his personal touch is amazing! I would highly recommend him for everyone one looking at starting or improving their endurance training.

Jarred Bartholomew, Ultra Runner and Financial Adviser

I won a prize of three months free coaching with Fred Richardson at a My Road Less Travelled Race in May 2016. I was super excited as I knew Fred was an avid trail runner and I needed all the help I could get. Needless to say I am now a permanent fixture. Fred has been fantastic and I sometimes feel guilty with how much time he spends on my training. I am by no means a natural runner and have to work really hard. I am amongst trail experts with Fred’s other runners and they regularly podium or finish strong in their races but Fred has never once made me feel like I am any less important that the pro’s he is coaching. My running has improved in leaps and bounds in just 5 months and Fred has been the main reason for this. The constant feedback on workouts and programme changes have been so motivating. Fred’s approach of “mindful running” is so simple and yet so effective. I can feel my body improve in technique when I apply his advice. I highly recommend Fred as a running coach for any runner who is committed to improving and most of all enjoying running.

Liesl Koch, Trail Runner and Environmental Scientist

I really enjoy having Fred as a coach, he is one of the most supportive coaches I have had to date. Always checking up on my runs, challenging me and inspiring me. A wealth of knowledge and experience which he shares all the time. I look forward to many km’s with Fred and know I am in good hands.

Angeline Latten, Ultra Runner and 

I was looking for a running coach and came across an advert for coaching through Mindful Runner on one the Facebook sites. I remember reading a Facebook post by a friend, Giovanni, that he would be sponsoring a young disadvantaged trail runner and that he had taken the youngster to Mindful Runner to be kitted for the trails and Fred had donated trail shoes to this youngster. I immediately was interested in being trained by someone who had this giving-spirit somehow I knew that his coaching was from the heart.

I met Fred in June 2016, one week after Comrades. I told him my sorry story of bailing at Comrades 2015 and that I HAVE to run Comrades 2016 as it’s my 50th Earth Year (I celebrate my Earth-day for an entire year). We started a programme on 6th June 2016 and are still going strong. I put all my faith and trust in what he was telling me to do and ran throughout winter. Due to safety challenges I trained around a cricket pitch at the local gym, every morning at 5am. After every session I would get an email of encouragement, telling me how this slow progress would stand me in good stead at the end. Initially I though he was just being kind and that he didn’t want me to quit before I was able to see the improvements. 

Monday, 24th October is week 21 of my training. I have been able to track the improvements in my running time, my heart rate is within rage, I have improved my time at parkrun and he has introduced running drills which have made a HUGE difference in running form. 

Besides the training programs that Fred offers, what I found to be most special was the support that he gives to the female runners. He emailed us information regarding supplements that we should be taking to assist with monthly cramps and for me that has helped tremendously. 

What I felt initially, that Fred trains from the heart, has been proven. He goes the “extra mile” to help in your running journey, this goes beyond coaching, Fred cares.

I would recommend him any day.

Deona Allan, Ultra Runner and Accountant