Taming the Monkey Mind and Finding Flow

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The first in a series of exercises designed to help you tame the monkey mind and find flow

Think of your running as a meditative practice. It is an activity that allows you to momentarily escape the everyday demands of your life. A place in which you are in control of every step. Each lesson I’ll give you a meditative exercise to practice during your weekly runs. The ultimate intention is to get each of us fully present in our bodies and in control of a quiet mind.


The practice for all your Easy runs this week is to focus on the big toe. Feel what happens to it when your foot lands, what is it doing when you’re in mid stance(all your weight on that foot), when your foot leaves the ground , what is it doing. There is no right or wrong answer to those questions. All you do is observe the big toe, don’t try to change anything, just observe it. If you find yourself thinking about other stuff just gently bring your thoughts back to the big toe and continue to observe it.


It will be difficult at first if you’ve never done this kind of exercise before. Your brain will wander off into other thoughts. Each time you notice that just gently bring your attention back to your big toe.


Start the exercise 10 minutes into your run and continue for at least 10 minutes. Work up to 20 minutes. Do this on all your Easy runs. Also use it for 5 minute periods on your long weekend run.