Running Coaching Services

We have four levels of coaching service depending on how much involvement you want from us. Our levels are Blue, which is a once off 12 week plan, and Bronze, Silver or Gold, which are monthly plans.

All plans include

For all of our programs we will ask you to complete a running history form and do a home assessment(which you video and email to us). We then arrange a call either voice or video to discuss your training needs, goals and how we work. After that your program is drawn up and delivered to you via Training Peaks. You link your GPS watch to Training Peaks and each run/workout you do is then automatically uploaded to Training Peaks. What happens after the upload depends on the service level you have chosen. Each program also includes a Strength program based on the results of your movement assessment. 


This for those who are on a budget or not yet sure that they want a fully coached experience. We draw up your 12 week program based on our assessment meeting. This might be towards a race goal or one of a number of running goals. For example in the absence of a race we might work towards a sub 30 minute 5 km. It’s up to you to follow the program as it has been laid out. You analyze your own data and manage yourself based on the Training Peaks stats. Your coach is available for general advice on how to use Training Peaks to improve your experience and for questions related to your program. We will also make up to 2 changes to your program if life happens and you need changes.

Your program includes 2 x Strength sessions a week focused purely on improving your running.

Monthly Plans

Annual Training Plan

All of the monthly plans include an Annual Training Plan. This is the long term view of your training for the year or for a season. It will include all your races and what priorities we agree upon for those races. It will also include areas to improve upon in the year. For instance it might be to work on improving your speed, hill ascending,  technical trail skills, running form etc. The annual training plan is a holistic view designed to improve you as a runner. Your coach is available to provide guidance on which events best suit your needs if you want that kind of advice.


This includes your monthly training plan. You receive weekly feedback on your training sessions for the previous week. The monthly plan is drawn up in the last week of each month in response to that month’s training and within the framework of the Annual Training Plan. The weekly strength sessions are allocated in accordance with your needs and the stage of training you are currently in. 


As for Bronze except that the feedback on your training is on a daily basis. Daily feedback allows us to identify and correct issues early on. Your plan can be adapted, if needed, on a weekly basis.


As for Silver. This plan is for those who are serious about getting the best results possible. You get daily feedback on your training. Your plan can be adapted on a daily basis depending on your needs. 

The strength program is precisely tailored to your needs. Your strength program includes general body shaping as well as your running strength work. These sessions are designed to improve general strength and mobility over and above your running needs. We fully accommodate home gyms in the strength plan.


Performance coaching looks at the mental aspects of training and racing. We use Mindfulness practices along with habit and life coaching techniques to equip you to be your best mentally. In your running and daily life.

Nutrition plays a vital role in getting the best from your training and racing. Your nutrition coach will draw up a monthly Meal Plan taking into account your preferences, goals and current stage of training. The nutrition plan includes recipes and a shopping list. Healthy habits are created through regular feedback to your nutrition coach who will also keep you accountable to your goals.


A running skills plan is designed to turn you into a more skillful runner. Skills include speed, hill ascending, hill descending, pacing, racing strategy and a wide variety of trail specific skills. The plan includes drills, gym work and exercises to get you running at your best.

A weekly meeting with your coach to discuss your training. Virtually via voice or video or in person at a local coffee shop.