Personal Training

Virtual Personal Training

One on One Training

Each session is tailored specifically to your needs. At a time of your choosing. Get instant feedback, adjustments and advice from your online Personal Trainer.

Live Group Training

Each session designed to make you stronger, mobile and get you into great shape. The live class is delivered via zoom and your Personal Trainer will be offering advice and adjustments as you go. Limited to a maximum of 8 people per class.

Video on demand Training

The video on demand series is delivered via Trainerize. Two new sessions are added each week. These sessions are identical to the group sessions. The beauty of video on demand is that you can do the workout anytime you like and as many times as you like. Each of the exercises can also be viewed independently to make sure you get your form exactly right.

Service Occurs Price
One on One AdHoc R 250 (per hour)
One on One Weekly x 1 R 800 (per month)
One on One Weekly x 2 R 1400 (per month)
Live Group Training Weekly x 1 R 600 (per month)
Live Group Training Weekly x 2 R 1000 (per month)
Video on Demand always available via Trainerize R 350 (per month)

All sessions must be booked before the 25th of the upcoming month

All Personal Training must be paid in advance for the month

Rescheduling of One on One sessions must be done at least 24 hours before the session

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