Mindful Running Clinics

At Mindful Runner we believe that the human body is a perfect running machine but most importantly we believe that running is a skill that can be taught. Our Natural Running course is designed to get you running in the best possible form to take advantage of the body you have. The more obvious benefits of learning to run this way include :

  • Less injuries =  more time to train
  • Improved running economy = faster, easier running
  • Less pain = improved sleep, more time to train and faster, easier running
  • Longer running years

Sitting at a desk all day, behind the wheel of a car or on public transport, can have a severe impact on your natural form. We can help you regain your natural running form through our Natural Running course. Getting back to your natural form translates into faster times, less pain, less injury and more enjoyable running.

Come and learn the principles of a natural running form. We will discuss and demonstrate :

  • Posture
  • Foot Strike
  • Cadence
  • Using Gravity

We will also cover other aspects of developing a good natural running form including mobility and strength. This is a practical workshop so come dressed for some light exercise and wear your running shoes/sandals.

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