We offer three different fitness classes Run Strong, Natural Moves and Blow Torch click bookings  to make a booking.

05:15 am – 06:00 amRun Strong(V02MAX)Natural MovesBlow TorchRun Strong(PLYO)Natural Moves
06:15 am – 07:00 amBlow TorchRun Strong(PLYO)Natural MovesBlow TorchRun Strong(V02MAX)
09:45 am – 10:30 amNatural MovesBlow TorchRun Strong(V02MAX)Natural MovesBlow Torch
06:00 pm – 07:00 pmRunners YogaRun Strong(V02MAX)Runners YogaRun Strong(PLYO)


R400 a month for 3 classes a week.

R650 a month for unlimited classes a week.

Drop in fee per class – R 50

Run Strong

Lindsay Parry – Official Comrades Coach has this to say about strength training.

‘The eccentric load (pounding) on your legs is extremely high, to help prepare for this, strength training is highly recommended for the down run. In fact strength training is important for both directions, but I feel non-negotiable for the down run.’

The additional loads that distance running places on an athletes body eventually manifest as injuries or poor performance. The majority of those injuries can be prevented and running performance significantly improved by attending just 2 strength classes a week. Almost all running related injuries can be traced back to parts of your body that are not strong enough to deal with the demands of the sport. The areas that usually need the most attention are the glutes and hips.

Our Run Strong classes are designed especially with runners in mind. Every exercise you will do is focused on making you a stronger more efficient runner.

Natural Moves

Combines body weight exercises and natural movement with walking and light running for a gentle but complete body workover.
Mobility and stability are emphasised in this back to basics class.

The perfect class for those who like a gentler approach to their fitness. It’s also a great preparation for the Run Strong and Blow Torch classes.

Blow Torch

This is a high energy combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise utilising, body weight, kettlebells and a skipping rope.

Each blow torch session is designed to radically improve your athletic performance while simultaneously torching fat. A Blow Torch session places a heavy emphasis on improving your bodies ability to produce energy at intense levels of exercise.

This is the class to attend to develop that beach ready body or to take your racing to the next level.