Comrades Coaching

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Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned runner, we can help you run your best comrades 2020. 
‘Iphupho Lami – Dare to Dream’
We have been coaching runners for 20 years with many successes. It is going to be up to you though to do the work and follow a regular training program in order to get the results. Stick with us for at least 4 months, we give you the 1st month FREE and you will be amazed at the difference in your running. Although the serious part of comrades training begins at the end of January, you should start getting your body ready now for the rigors that lie ahead as you embark on your journey towards the ultimate human race. 
Our success rate for Comrades is upwards of 95% finishers and around 80% who achieve their target medals. Have a look at the testimonials of some of our success stories.

Get your first month of coaching for free! Thereafter R 550 per month.

What is included in your coaching package

  1. A personalized monthly program focused towards achieving your best
  2. Your program is delivered via an online app called Training Peaks 
  3. Alterations to your programs can be made within a training week to suit your lifestyle
  4. You will be welcome at any of our regular group training sessions
  5. Access to your coaching team via WhatsApp 24/7
  6. Weekly review of your progress by your coaching team
We are passionate about coaching ordinary everyday people with day jobs, families and real lives to see them find the extraordinary in themselves.
Results don’t happen overnight, make a promise to yourself and stick with our program for at least 4 months to get your licence to dream. 
You are one step away from joining the Mindful Runner coaching program. If you’re ready to run your best then complete the form below and we will get you started. 

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