12-Hour Race Fueling Pack


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No more worrying about hitting the wall on race day!

Mindful Runner in collaboration with HAMMER nutrition have taken the stress out of race day fuelling for you with these easy-to-use packs that provide you with the best endurance fuels in the world, fuels that will make you go the distance, and improve your performance time.

The 12-hour pack starts you with 200 calories:

  • 1 x HEED sachet = a healthy, subtle-flavoured complex carbohydrates, a balanced electrolyte profile and essential nutrients to balance blood sugar, buffer lactic acid and ensure long-lasting energy. Xylitol and stevia are tooth-friendly sweeteners.
  • 1 x Gel sachet = complex carbohydrates, all-natural ingredients, and pH-balancing formula are easily digestible and provide quick-acting yet long-lasting energy in a convenient, tasty, concentrated form. The addition of branched-chain amino acids helps to prevent muscle tissue breakdown while reducing fatigue
  • 1 x Fully Charged sachet = a pre-exercise ignitor to get you prepared – mentally and physically – for each and every workout or event. It reduces warm-up time, increases cardiovascular capacity, prevents lactic acid build up, and raises energy levels.

During, 160 calories per hour:

  • 3 x HEED sachets
  • 5 x Gels
  • 12 x Endurolyte capsules = Designed for harsh conditions, high heat, the unacclimated and those with elevated salt needs, this formula offers three times the sodium chloride (salt) and potassium content of standard Electrolytes. Despite the salt increase, the Extreme formula maintains a complete blend of electrolytes.
  • 5 x Perpetuem sachets = Thoroughly tested and proven in the world’s toughest events to satisfies your body’s energy requirements when workouts and events extend beyond three hours. Its unique blend and precise ratios of complex carbohydrates, protein, healthy fat and key auxiliary nutrients allow you to stay strong and steady from start to finish.


  • 1 x Recoverite sachet = Highly effective and utterly delicious, Recoverite provides exactly what your body needs to reap the most from your activity – a 3:1 ratio of complex carbohydrates to premium whey protein isolate, three grams of L-glutamine, key recovery benefiting auxiliary nutrients, and a full spectrum of electrolytes.