The 7 Week Reset



This 7 week program was designed for a full lock down, where you have limited access to the outside world. It was used by a group of 40 athletes in South Africa during their hard lock down and the results were phenomenal. All those who stuck with the program saw improvements with many recording 5 k PB’s in week 6 after the lock down ended.

Mindful Runner has always been about good movement, once you move well you will run also run well. Quite a good thing about this enforced timeout from your normal lives is that we can look to establish some new routines. Many people have the kind of jobs that require you to spend a lot of time sitting. That leads to tight hips, weak glutes and bad movement patterns. No more though because at the end of this we are going to undo those bad patterns and hopefully you will learn and experience enough to be able to keep up the good movement after your period of isolation is over.

One other aspect of being a Mindful Runner is… well being Mindful. It’s something that I introduce into your running over time. Most people enjoy this aspect of their running. This break will also give us a chance to work on Mindfulness. Please download the app to your phone called Headspace or Waking Up they both have a free program to get you going . If you already have apps you are happy with – stay with that.

This is your Daily Routine

  1. Check and log resting HR and HRV into Training Peaks (Welltory is a free app that uses your camera phone to measure)
  2. Weigh yourself and log your weight into Training Peaks (Yes! Daily it helps to see trends and will keep you honest)
  3. Meditate 3 min – 30 min (For absolute beginners stick with the Daily meditation on your apps)
  4. Morning run will be 30 – 1 hr 10 mins. The runs will all be time based so no matter whether you are on your treadmill, in the garden or in your kitchen just workout for the duration.
  5. Midday Strength session 20 – 30 mins. There are 2 workouts on some days. The movement video links for each can be found in the pre-activity comments. You only do ONE of those each day. It’s your choice which one it is. All the Strength sessions are illustrated by video.
  6. Afternoon run – 30 mins – 1 hr 10. Same as the morning run
  7. Evening Mobility 10 – 30 mins. This is a free choice you can either follow the routine I put in your program. OR you can practice Yoga OR Pilates.
  8. Breaking the workouts into smaller blocks allows for good recovery between sessions. It means you will have plenty of time to recover in between. It’s ok if you can only manage 1 run in your day. Do your best to fit in all of the other sessions in a day.

A few other pointers

Use Training Peaks fully. Log how each workout feels.
Walk around barefoot as much as you can during the day.

Most importantly – if you feel your enthusiasm waning please reach out to

See you on the other side.