Max Strength Workout

Table of Contents

This workout is designed to build maximum strength. It is as much a Central Nervous System(CNS) workout as it is a muscle and tendon workout.

For the main set the principal is to work on a weight which is at 80% of your One Rep Max(1RM) see How to calculate your 1RM. Recovery must be to a full muscular recovery which is at least 3 minutes and sometimes as much as 5 minutes. You should feel like you can probably do 6 reps but no more on each set. Make sure that you get in a full range of motion(ROM) for every rep. Correct form and movement is essential when you are working at your limits

The Workout #

Deadlift553 min80% of 1RM
Bulgarian Split Squat4890 secsMax weight you can manage to complete the workout
Weighted Walking Lunge4890 secsMax weight you can manage to compete the workout
Push Press553 min80% of 1 RM
Pullup31060 secssee the pullup progression if you’re unable to do a pullup
Kettlebell Swing100Use a KB that is 1/3rd of your goal bodyweight. Work towards 100 consecutive swings. Initially that might be 10 x 10 and then 5 x 20 and then 4 x 25 etc. Keep working until you can do 100 consecutive swings

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