Fred Richardson

Specialising in Trail and Ultra running Coaching

My passion for the trail goes back to an early childhood spent in the African bush. After leaving college in 1984 I attended the prestigious Infantry School in the South African Defense Force (the equivalent of West Point in the US or Sandhurst in the UK), where I qualified as a 2nd Lieutenant Infantry and fitness instructor.

After decades as an IT consultant, chance and circumstance led me to coaching runners. I have coached hundreds of runners over the last 15 years in all disciplines from road to trail and also adventure racing. I have chosen to specialize in Ultra running with an emphasis on trail because that is where my own passion with running lies.

My coaching is based on a relationship of trust between myself and my clients. My methods are based on proven science with a healthy dose of practical experience. Judge the quality of my coaching by the results of my clients. I am constantly upgrading my own skills and knowledge to improve the quality of my service.  Any runner who remains with me for more than 4 months will see an improvement in their running. I place an emphasis on Mindfulness as a skill set that all peak performers should have a firm grasp of.

I am an active trail and ultra runner.

Certified Running Coach, Certified Personal Trainer ,Training Peaks Level 1

Tugela Falls – Drakensberg, South Africa

My favorite place to run is in the remote areas of the Drakensberg