Coaching for Runners

Personalised Online Coaching for Runners

The program is designed according to your circumstances and needs. We take into account your goals, the time you have available for training, your current fitness and your bio-mechanical form when designing your program. Your program is delivered to you via a web-based online application. You upload each workout after completion or link your workouts to Strava which uploads your workouts automatically. Every running program also includes 2 detailed strength sessions a week. I will analyse the data after each workout and give you feedback on that workout. The program might be adjusted based on the feedback. Program adjustments will also be made to accommodate illness, family commitments, work etc. Where you train and exactly what time of day you train is up to you. Athletes who are training with the Mindful Runner guidance, committing to their goals and programs are achieving fantastic results!


  • Training Program
  • Strength Program
  • Feedback on completed training sessions
  • Weekly program adjustments
  • Email / Skype / WhatsApp access to coach
  • Invitation to group sessions
  • Discounts on Adventure runs