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The Drakensberg Grand Traverse Missions

Drakensberg Grand Traverse - 7 missions in 7 months 200 km of high Drakensberg with a total ascent of roughly 8500 m. Most of the route is above 3000 m with very little formal trail 7 missions. Each mission will include an up and a down portion. Each mission will link up so that the entire DGT route [...]

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Mindful Buddies Promotion

SIGN-UP NOW TILL 30 APRIL 2017 Mindful Runner presents the 'MINDFUL BUDDIES PROMO' and would like to invite you, our valued members, the following: Valid dates for this promo: 9 March - 30 April 2017 FOR NEW MINDFUL RUNNER SIGN-UPS: As soon as you complete your sign-up process on the website you will receive [...]

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Lessons from the Mountain

https://youtu.be/Q9AOB6kE_eU We had decided to take on Ryan Sandes FKT challenge on Table Mountain one early Saturday morning, and looking out the window in the car on the way to the mountain, the weather was proving to be less than ideal. It was a little windy and overcast, but nothing we couldn’t handle. I [...]

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Nasal breathing

The most common tip for regulating your Long Slow Distance(LSD) run is to run at a conversational pace. Try this as an alternative. Focus on your breathing as you run and ONLY breath through your nose. Start with a 4 out 4 in rhythm and over some weeks try to build yourself to 5 and 5  and [...]

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Windbreaker / Windproof jacket

What is it? A windbreaker or windproof jacket keeps the wind out. Some of them will be able to keep you dry through very light showers but a windbreaker is most definitely not Waterproof. I See the post on Waterproof Jackets here. Why is it compulsory? When you're exercising perspiration serves to cool you down. A [...]

Whistle – for what?

The next item on your compulsory kit list no matter how short the event, is a whistle. Why not just shout? A whistle will only ever be needed in an emergency when you need to draw a rescuer or a marshals attention to your location. The sound of a whistle carries a lot further than the sound of [...]

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Space Blanket

We continue our series on trail running compulsory gear with the space blanket otherwise known as an emergency blanket or a survival blanket. Why is it compulsory? The primary purpose of a space blanket is to keep you warm in an emergency situation. It could be that you're injured or you're waiting with an injured person until [...]

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Waterproof Jackets

Why are they compulsory? Wet clothes can lead to hypothermia in even mild conditions. Add to that heavy rain accompanied by wind and you have a recipe for disaster. Hypothermia is a condition in which your body is losing heat faster than it can generate it. Mental confusion is a consequence of hypothermia and it often leads [...]