Adventure Running

Adventure Running

We offer unique Adventure Running trips. It’s a guided experience combining trail running, hiking, a bit of rock scrambling, a smidge of bundu bashing, sometimes paddling. In the mountains, bush-veld and rivers of South Africa.

We choose beautiful lines, soaring ridge runs, crazy descents, breathtaking scrambles. You bring a lightweight pack with the bare essentials for each adventure. Our guides lead you while our support crew transport your bags from one comfortable resort to the next.

Having hot showers, comfortable beds and warm food is a highlight of each days adventure.

Our extreme adventure runs will test you. Body and Mind. They are not for the faint hearted or the unfit.

These single day adventures take place in the pristine wilderness of the Ukahlamba Drakensberg mountains. Each adventure is designed to be completed in less than 24 hours. Distances are between 40 and 55 km with total vert approaching 3000 m. The terrain is rough, the altitude is often above 3000 m and sometimes as high as 3400 m. The weather is extreme with snow and ice in winter whilst summer brings heat and thunderstorms.

If you like to test yourself physically and mentally, you love dramatic views and you’re fit then you will love the extreme nature of these trips.

The adventure runs will take you to beautiful places. You will run and hike on stunning trails in pristine wilderness. Each days guided adventure is between 15 and 30 km.  You only carry the bare essentials to keep you comfortable for the day. Adventure runs are designed to be completed in 4 – 12 hours. Each run will showcase a beautiful and unique area of South Africa.

Afternoons will be spent lazing about swapping stories about the days experience. The showers are hot, beds comfortable and the food good.

Drakensberg Grand Traverse Missions.

Take the Drakensberg Grand Traverse, route of 210 km with 8500 m of vert. Split that into 10 seperate missions. Each mission covers a piece of the route with an approach and a departure ascent and descent of roughly 2000 m each time and you have the DGT Missions. 10 missions – 340 km – 25 000 of vertical

Tugela falls – the second highest waterfall in the world

A magical trip to the source of the Tugela River. The trail is steep but easy underfoot. The final ascent onto the Drakensberg escarpment is via a set of chain ladders that will test your fear of heights. The descent via the gorge will test you physically.

This is the easiest way to get to the top the Drakensberg

Let’s Take An Adventure!

We love to take people on adventures and show them our beautiful country. The adventure is not only about the area you are checking out, but the people you are checking it out with. Your guides are all trail runners and totally in love with the areas we play in.